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Everyone knows of the “No White After Labor Day” fashion “rule.”  Maybe I should call it the old-fashioned rule, since it seems to be a thing of the past.  I can say, though, that Labor Day feels like the death of summer and the death of wearing slippers all day, err day. For these reasons, it’s a day of mourning in my book.  All I’m thinking is “No Slippers After Labor Day.”  Can you feel my tears?

I prefer summer over winter any day.  One of my most favorite parts about the warmer months is being able to wear slippers, day & night, everywhere… just like how it is in Hawaii.  I remember the days when I lived in Hawaii and my “nice shoes” consisted of slippers, with a bit of a wedge… the slipper version of a “high heel.”  I distinctly remember wearing these Cobian wedge slippers.  So fancy!  My slipper of choice for the past couple of years have been the Sanuk yoga mat slipper.  Trust me, these thrity-dollar bad boys will make your feet happy and happy feet, happy life.  I alternate between these and my trusty leather Rainbows.

If you’re a little bit of a business-geek like me and love a sweet start-up story, the one of Rainbow Sandals will make your heart flutter.  The company now makes two million slippers a year, but it all started in 1972, with one man and his sewing machine in his Laguna Beach garage.  Rainbow Sandals make slippers out of rubber, leather, hemp, and burlap.  I’ve tried several of their slippers and my favorites are their simple leather slipper… timeless, classic, and oh, so buttery soft.

I ordered these Rainbow leather keychains.  They are the miniature version of my favorite Rainbow slippers!  They are the perfect accessory for the Hawaii girls (and guys) at heart that are forced to retire their slippers in the winter months.  In a couple of months, I’ll be grouchy, cold, shivering, grouchy.  Did I mention grouchy?  I’m hoping this little slipper will remind me of warmer days and warmer memories of sticking my toes in the sand and beach BBQs.  I’ve been rocking this Swarovski blinged-out stiletto keychain (Vegas, I tell ya…) for the past year or so and it ironically fell off yesterday.  Move over stiletto… the Rainbow rubba slippah is taking over my keys!



Rainbow Sandals Keychain

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