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all things victorino

I really wasn’t too excited about baseball until it posed some shopping opportunities. Talk about setting my heart on fiyah when I came across this on my Instagram from @ltdaddiction. Word on the street is you can call (808) 847-4000 …

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hawaiian: the legend of eddie aikau

Spent my night watching ESPN and bawling. Yes, crying at ESPN. Never thought that moment would ever occur. And, it’s not even “that time of the month.” TV hits a soft spot now and then and it especially did back …

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    Teri I’m Teri! I decided to start a blog to focus on the GOOD, the aloha, that is here in Vegas to help me fully embrace that this really IS my new home... I am transPLANTED from Hawaii and now PLANTed in Vegas, placing my roots down here.
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