all things victorino

I really wasn’t too excited about baseball until it posed some shopping opportunities. Talk about setting my heart on fiyah when I came across this on my Instagram from @ltdaddiction. Word on the street is you can call (808) 847-4000 …

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pure aloha fall festival, las vegas

#luckywelivelasvegas ’cause we have Vizzun Entertainment’s Pure Aloha Festivals. The eighth annual fall festival is going on right meow through the 6th at the Rio Hotel & Casino. It combines ‘ono food, shopping, carnival rides, and concerts into fun for …

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hawaiian: the legend of eddie aikau

Spent my night watching ESPN and bawling. Yes, crying at ESPN. Never thought that moment would ever occur. And, it’s not even “that time of the month.” TV hits a soft spot now and then and it especially did back …

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christmas in september

We spent Saturday morning taking our annual holiday card photos. Annual… as if we’ve been doing this for, like, ever… laugh out loud. Last year is the first year we became THAT couple. You know, the one without kids who …

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kama’aina magazine

One thing I am passionate about is seeking and supporting Hawaiian-owned businesses.  Luckily, here on the “Ninth Island,” this does not pose an extreme challenge.  Of the hundred thousand plus Hawai’i transplants living in Nevada, it seems that a good portion …

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winter slippers

Everyone knows of the “No White After Labor Day” fashion “rule.”  Maybe I should call it the old-fashioned rule, since it seems to be a thing of the past.  I can say, though, that Labor Day feels like the death …

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38 problems only people from hawaii will understand

I saw this article: “38 Problems Only People From Hawaii Will Understand” making its rounds on my Facebook news feed. My thoughts are in pink.  Enjoy! 1. There are some days where it’s so cold you just have to put on …

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If you do an Instagram search of #withlovefromwaimanalo, you’ll find rows upon rows of  beautiful creations by the talented Kapono & Kalei Duvauchelle of Hilina’i Hawaii.  Amongst the beauties are their custom hand-stamped shell bangles.  Love at first sight!  It’s …

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